Aerial Services

Drone & Equipment


Founded with a passion for aerial brilliance, Three Drones Up embarked on a mission to revolutionize imagery. We recognized the essence of capturing moments and projects from a vantage point that does justice to your dedication and hard work. Rooted in Atlanta, we're not just FAA-certified photographers; we are your partners in redefining how the world perceives you.

Auto Dealerships

Three Drones Up offers specialized auto dealership services, showcasing your vehicles in high-definition aerial footage, enhancing marketing campaigns, and providing immersive virtual tours for potential buyers.

Real Estate Agents/Brokers​

Three Drones Up provides comprehensive real estate and broker services, elevating property listings with stunning aerial imagery, virtual tours, and detailed visual assessments to attract buyers and showcase listings effectively.​

Landscapers and Roofers

Three Drones Up delivers expert landscape and roofing services, utilizing drones for precise site surveys, inspections, and aerial views that empower landscapers and roofers to enhance project planning and execution.