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Capture Every Detail From The Sky With Three Drones Up

Drive traffic, validate your work's quality and showcase properties like never before with our FAA-certified aerial photography.

Elevated Perspective

Showcase Your Unique Vision

Transform visuals from mundane to breathtaking.

Precision Perfecte

Detail Beyond Ordinary Sight

Capture every intricacy with crystal clarity.

Expertise Elevated

FAA-Certified Excellence

Trust in our industry-leading professionalism.

Ascend Above The Ordinary

Pioneering Aerial Imagery For Diverse Industries

At "Three Drones Up", we understand the unique nuances of every business. From automotive dealerships vying for a competitive edge with vibrant content to landscapers and roofers ensuring precision in their projects, down to real estate agents presenting properties in breathtaking clarity — we've tailored our services to meet your specific needs. Dive into a world where the sky isn't just the limit; it's your playground.

Stand Out or Blend In?

Traditional Photography's Limitations Are Holding You Back

In a saturated market, the same ground-level shots won’t capture the essence or unique angles of your offerings. Auto Dealerships struggle to lure customers, Landscapers and Roofers can’t adequately validate their work’s quality, and Real Estate Agents can’t truly showcase property vistas. Don’t let your vision be grounded.

Aim Higher. Achieve More

Our Aerial Imagery Breaks Through The Clutter

With “Three Drones Up”, you get more than just drone footage. You gain access to:


FAA-certified aerial drone photographers near you.

4K Drone Footage

4K drone footage with gimbal stabilization ensuring crystal clear visuals every time.

Automotive Package

Automotive design-focused drone photography that drives foot traffic.

Aerial imagery packages

Aerial imagery packages tailored for landscapers, roofers, and real estate agents.

Wide-angle shots

Wide-angle aerial shots capturing the full essence of your offerings. Experience the difference of professional, elevated property visuals.

Tailored Aerial Solutions

Services Designed Around You

At Three Drones Up, we understand that every industry has its unique needs. Whether you're an auto dealership wanting to lure more clients, a landscaper eager to highlight project quality, or a real estate agent wishing to list with an edge, our aerial photography packages are crafted specifically for you.

Auto Dealerships

Elevate your auto dealership with Three Drones Up’s stunning aerial visuals. Attract customers and boost sales with immersive, high-quality imagery.

Real Estate Agents/Brokers

Transform real estate listings with Three Drones Up. Capture attention, engage buyers, and showcase properties like never before.

Landscapers And Roofers

Elevate your landscaping and roofing projects with Three Drones Up. Unlock aerial insights, streamline planning, and impress clients with precision.

bonafide SERVICES

FAA-Certified, Licensed & Insured

Three Drones Up excels in delivering top-tier aerial imagery solutions across critical sectors:

  1. Automotive: Empowering car dealerships with captivating promotional visuals.
  2. Construction: Aiding landscaping and roofing professionals in project assessment and appreciation.
  3. Real Estate: Elevating commercial and residential property presentations to a new level of excellence.”

Drone Type

Our Drones

Three Drones Up utilizes a trio of DJI drones for various purposes. The DJI Mavic 3, a photography powerhouse, excels in capturing stunning aerial shots. Its enterprise counterpart, the DJI Mavic 3E, specializes in industrial applications with thermal cameras and LiDAR. For portability and professional-grade features, the DJI Air 2S is the choice for content creators and enthusiasts, boasting a 1-inch sensor and 5.4K video recording.

DJI Mavic 3

DJI Mavic 3E

DJI Air 2S


our latest projects

Experience Three Drones Up's comprehensive portfolio, encompassing breathtaking aerial photography and innovative industrial solutions. We leverage cutting-edge technology to broaden horizons.


What Our Clients Say

Three Drones Up clients rave about our expertise, professionalism, and top-notch results.
"The drone footage captured by Three Drones Up for our dealership was breathtaking. The quality? Top-notch!"
Atlanta, GA
"As a roofer, showcasing my projects from above gave me an edge in my market. Thanks to Three Drones Up."
Marietta, GA
"Listings have never looked better! The response? Incredible. It's a game-changer."
Sandy Springs, GA

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